Avoid consumption of alcohol if you want to lose weight

If you have not do away from your summer hangover then it is time to rethink. No, there is no any idea that you start drinking again but how alcohol is indeed obstructing your weight management process. What could be a better time than September to get rid from unhealthy summer lifestyle?

A fitness consultant said, “Ultimately, alcohol is one of the biggest barrier in weight lose program. It is become the rule to consume alcohol as part of everyday life-even though it is popular that alcohol has serious side effects such diminished performance, mental impairment, diabetes, liver disease and weight gain”.

If you required some solid reasons for cutting down your poison intake, below is the scientific reason:

  • Metabolism: According to fitness consultant, alcohol consumption has some serious side-effects on your metabolism. The presence of alcohol disrupts your body’s ability to maintain healthy levels of glucose and that entails possible chances of diabetes.
  • Liver: alcohol consumption has been associated to liver diseases. There have been many studies which reveal that. Fitness consultant explained that the ability of liver to break down fat tends to deteriorate when you consume too much alcohol.
  • Stomach: “intake of alcohol increases the production of acid in the stomach beyond normal levels, while also causing irritation and inflammation in the stomach lining.” Fitness consultant said. Now you get to know where those weird stomach sensations come from.
  • Heart: there are many factors which place you at the risk of developing a heart condition. Alcohol is a important one and you can curb its intake to keep heart strokes and cardiomyopathy at bay.

However, how can you control alcohol intake for better weight loss results?

Hangover ready: your body craves to make up for the loss of blood glucose. So, you start hogging everything which has sugar or fat, so yes, stock up your shelves with something to avoid a home famine. Your kitchen fuel is one of the most necessary things to focus on.

Water always: water is the best drink for you. If there is any absolute savior to most of the health problems then it is your water. Make more efforts to stay hydrated before, during and after drinking as this will help to reduce the severity of any hangover.

Alcohol-free alternatives: drinking alcohol-free alternative beverages is the difficult trick to pull off, especially if you know that there is no alcohol in your glass. But your mind can also give you the same kick.

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