Heart diseases related to deaths rise due to obesity

Heart diseases

Heart diseases : Recently in a study, it was revealed that heart disease and stroke mortality rates are stopped declining in high-income group countries and increasing in some countries.

International Journal of Epidemiology has published that the researchers of the University of Melbourne analysed the trend in cardiovascular diseases mortality. This study is consists of heart disease and stroke since 2000 in 23 high-income countries.

The study found that in 23 countries cardiovascular disease mortality rates for 35 to 74 years old people are declining but increasing in 12 countries out of 23.

In recent years cardiovascular disease mortality has been increased in US and Canadian females. On the other hand annual decline in cardiovascular disease mortality is now 20 to 50 per cent in Australia, UK and New Zealand. According to Lopez each of these countries has high obesity rates. In Australia one-third of the adult people are obsessed.

Heart diseases

The researchers observed that the main risk factor of cardiovascular disease mortality is arisen due to obesity. It includes other factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and smoking.

Alan Lopez, professor of the University of Melbourne said that obesity or poor diet may have been contributing to slow down in cardiovascular disease mortality rates.

Tim Adair a researcher at the varsity and co-author of the study conclude that threaten the future gains in life expectancy and long term decline in cardiovascular disease mortality could be possible due to failure to address these issue to the people.

So the different studies prove that unhealthy diet and obesity are the contributors to cardiovascular disease mortality. To stop the increasing numbers of cardiovascular disease mortality people have to eat healthy and stay fit. They should have to make a daily routine in which include daily exercise, Gaming, healthy diet etc.

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