Skin care: how to take care of your skin in changing weather

India is a tropical country where temperature is changed after some time. Temperature and climate can affect your skin. The humidity and heat affects your skin in many ways which can’t be repaired easily. Then this condition gets worse when you have combination skin i.e. some part of skin is dry and other part is oily. So, we are going to discuss about some tips and tricks to take care of your skin in fluctuating weather.

Use sunscreen

It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside. You should put sunscreen whenever you go out from home. It protects your skin from harmful rays of the sun while creating a protective layer on the skin. Sunscreen mainly reduces the penetration of UV rays into the sun which triggers a variety of skin disorders.


Whether you have oily or dry skin, you must use moisturizer. It mainly works as a protective layer on the skin, blocks the dust and bad rainwater from entering into the pores. It also ensures that the skin is hydrated and nourished all time. You must apply the moisturizer within sixty seconds after shower. This will ensure that the outside temperature doesn’t affect the health of your skin.

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Reduce shower time

Hot showers will open up the pores and making it easier for the outside temperature to affect it. Longer showers can strip away the natural oils from skin making dull and dry. Even if the cooler weather is encouraging you to taking hot showers then just fight the urge to do so.

Go for a creamy cleanser

A heavy duty cleanser and body wash can strip away all the essentials oils from the skin making it prone to dry skin. A simple swap to a creamy cleanser can nourish the skin while also getting rid from the dirt and dead skin cells.

Simplify the makeup

Whether you have oily or dry skin, any type of makeup has effect on your skin. It can open the pores while also leads in acne and breakouts. So, simplify your routine so that the weather doesn’t react with your makeup you are using resulting in skin problems.

We agree that weather is uncontrollable but the health of your skin is not. So, ensure to take care of your skin not matter what is.

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